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By Mia Soulon August 23, 2017

Anastasia’s Book of Days is a very well written, first person narrative taken from the diary of an intelligent and ambitious woman who lived during the days when a woman’s lot in life was to be someone’s Frau. When her fiancé leaves to fight in Napoleon’s war to conquer Russia, she convinces her father to teach her his trade as a tailor.

I was enthralled with this story from beginning to end. As the prologue states we follow Anastasia’s life to the end, but knowing she lived a full life on her terms, as much as possible for any woman in Germany in the early 1800s, left me satisfied with the ending.

I recommend this book by Cindy Maynard to anyone who loves a good story while learning a little history along the way.

I was sent this novel by the author for an honest review, and I’m pleased to recommend this book with a well deserved 5 star review.

Lovely story, gracefully told.

By Weber D.on August 13, 2017


Cindy Maynard has written a wonderful historical novel centered on a woman's life in 19th century Germany. The beautiful depictions of Anastasia's environment, both social and physical, allow us uncommon insight into the personal world of an intelligent individual who tries to live her life honorably in a place and time of great tumult and change. I believe this is Ms. Maynard's first work of fiction and I look forward to reading anything she writes in the future.

Great read

By Lizvolon August 19, 2017

I really enjoyed reading this book and I was not ready for it to end. The author did a great job of painting the characters so realistically, it was easy to relate to them as real people. I highly recommend it.

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What an interesting book - based on the historical record of her ancestor, Maynard has written a realistic and touching story of a woman's life in the Black Forest, before the existence of a unified German state. I had learned some of this history before (small pox, Napoleon's empire, etc.), but seeing it on such a human scale is such a different perspective from the objective grand scale we usually use in school. I'm so glad I read this!

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"It was amazing"

I've read similar books placed in this time period about happenings in the United States. This one took place in Europe and offered a different perspective. The author made the characters come alive.

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